What Is The Real Cost of Cleaning Your Pond?

Pond cleaning is a vital part of the maintenance process. Unfortunately, it is also one area where many pond owners tend to pay less attention to, assuming that the pond can take care of itself. It’s all too easy to let your pond maintenance go but doing that can cost you more when you eventually decide to do a cleanout. That’s because the longer you wait between cleanups, the more time and effort will be involved, and that means your costs will go up. So what exactly can you expect in terms of pond cleaning costs? Well, that can depend ...
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Rainwater Harvesting_Leaf_Deckers

Why Rainwater Harvesting is a Good Idea

Rainwater harvesting is an idea that is growing in popularity and with good reason. With 36 states facing severe water shortages within the next five years, water conservation is becoming a necessity. It’s no longer just an issue for the arid, desert areas either…almost everywhere you go in the U.S. a diminished water supply is a growing concern. But fortunately, we’ve got an easy answer to this problem in the form of a natural water supply just waiting to be tapped. That’s right, rainwater. Everyone knows that all life requires water to survive, yet the very nature of our growing ...
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Before and After

Tips for a Low Maintenance Backyard Pond

Backyard pond planning is absolutely essential if you want to make sure that your pond requires minimal maintenance. The better you plan ahead of time, the less you’ll have to do later, so a few extra minutes now can truly save you a lot of headaches down the road. When it comes to planning your pond, there are a few important tips you’ll want to keep in mind that can help make regular maintenance a snap and allow you to get maximum enjoyment out of your backyard pond environment: Location, location, location – the first rule in backyard pond designing ...
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pond deicer

How to Aerate and De-Ice Your Pond in the Winter

Pond care, as any pond owner can tell you, is a year-round responsibility. The biggest danger that pond owners face is assuming that once the temperatures drop you can stop maintaining your pond. Quite the opposite is true, particularly if you have fish. Remember that a pond is a living environment and as such, it needs a proper balance of bacteria in order to thrive and flourish. Also, fish need the right amount of oxygen in order to live. While fish will naturally slow down their metabolism in the winter, requiring less food and enabling them to withstand colder temperatures, ...
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pond in winter

8 Things You Should NEVER Do to Your Pond in Winter

Pond maintenance is always on our minds during the warm months when everyone’s outside enjoying the pond, but when the temperatures dip that doesn’t mean you can stop taking care of it. Quite the opposite actually, especially in the Albany/Schenectady county areas where winters can often be brutal. During the colder months, it is extremely important to maintain your pond, particularly if you have fish, but you need to care for it the right way. Here are 8 things you should NEVER do to your pond in the winter: 1. Bang on the ice – everyone knows you need a ...
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Fall and Winter Pond Maintenance

Pond ideas for small yards are almost limitless, but no matter what type of pond you have one thing remains the same: the need for regular maintenance. This is the biggest complaint we hear from people considering installing a pond on their property. They are leery about all of the work involved, but the fact of the matter is it’s really not that difficult at all…it is just a matter of knowing what to expect and establishing a regular maintenance routine. Fall and winter are when most of the plant life begins to die off and fish slow down their ...
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Outdoor Pond Ideas for Small Yards

Pond ideas for small yards are really no different than those for larger locations. The basic thought behind the pond remains the same: providing a unique, living, water-based ecosystem within your garden. This can provide not only a beautiful visual element to your landscape, but also give everyone in the family hours of enjoyment as they take in the gurgling of a waterfall, the behavior of fish and other pond inhabitants, and the growth of lovely plant life. If you’re considering adding an outdoor pond to your landscape, you’ll want to take many different things into consideration, from your budget ...
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5 Tips For Creating Small Outdoor Ponds

Small outdoor ponds are no different than their larger cousins, at least in theory. The basic idea is the same, of course, providing a water based mini ecosystem to bring visual interest, relaxation and enjoyment to your outdoor landscape. You can do this even if you only have a small yard as ponds come in all sizes, but if you’re intent on creating a small pond you’ll want to follow a few important steps to make sure that you have the best possible outcome. You may want a simple, basic shape or perhaps you’ve got something more complex in mind ...
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5 Things To Know Before Installing a Koi Pond

A koi pond can be a fun and fascinating feature for any outdoor landscape. These colorful fish bring hours of pleasure for the whole family with their beautiful looks and amazing antics. There is little wonder why koi have been a regular addition to Japanese gardens for centuries. Anyone who has ever had an indoor fish tank knows the relaxation and enjoyment you can get from watching fish. Koi bring that feeling to a whole new level in your outdoor environment. While building and maintaining any type of pond brings its own set of challenges, when you add koi to ...
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Components of Water Garden Ponds

Water garden ponds are one of the most popular types of landscape features among homeowners in various parts of the country and there is little question as to why. Beyond ordinary architectural features, which can add drama or comfort to an outdoor area, or pools and fountains, which allow for the enjoyment of water’s relaxing qualities, ponds bring a whole other dimension to your outdoor living space. That’s because they are more than a water feature…they are a miniature ecosystem. That’s right; ponds provide living space and sustenance for plants and animals as well as bring us endless enjoyment. You ...
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