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Commercial projects can be brought to life with the addition of decorative water features. Whether it’s a large waterfall at the entry to a subdivision or a meandering stream through a retail plaza, the sights and sounds of water will let your property stand out from the rest. People are naturally drawn to water. Adding it to your project will create the draw and energy that you are seeking to be set apart from the competition. We have designed, built, and project managed large scale water features around the country. Some of the facilities we have worked with are: zoos, museums, corporate headquarters, retail centers, cemeteries, botanical gardens, universities, etc.

Creative Stormwater Management

Green infrastructure is a hot buzz word these days. We are moving away from the old ideas of pipe and conveyance, which basically pushed the issue downstream for someone else to deal with. Point source solutions are proving to be much more beneficial to the environment as dealing with stormwater onsite becomes mandated. As raingardens, bio swales, and permeable pavement grow in popularity and function, we are constantly looking for new and improved ways to deal with stormwater. We are taking its management to the next level by turning it into a decorative element, making it part of the story and aesthetics, rather than just a necessary function. By capturing, filtering, and even re-using the water we can help you make a statement with water.

Commercial Gallery

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