Decker’s formal water gardens are aquatic statements. They are part of a history that began thousands of years ago in civilizations such as the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. Many people recall to mind the more recent historical water gardens of the French and the English. Each of these unique, opulent installations announces that their owner ‘has arrived’ in some substantial way.

To achieve these statements, formal water gardens tend to have classical elements. For example, they use elemental shapes such as rectangles and squares. They prefer brick and natural stone to rough, hewn boulders. Their clear reflections are undisturbed by fish or other pond life. They present pristine tranquility.

Formal water gardens are all about a crisp, clean, elegant, contemporary look. They are less about the blending in with nature or the soothing sounds of water, and more about sophistication, accented by the right aquatic plants. Each formal water garden makes a specific statement.

Decker’s crafts these statements related to the installation’s position and function. Perhaps the formal water garden is used to reflect the site’s architecture or special focal point. In this case, the installation functions as a watery mirror, enhancing the grandeur of the structures it reflects. In some cases, the formal water garden is itself the focal point. Here, it provides a glimmering, aquatic echo of the surroundings that it complements.

For all of their planning and beautiful complexity, Decker’s formal water gardens can be low maintenance. Since formal water gardens have no fish or other pond life to support, the requirement for a natural ecosystem is greatly reduced. Water clarity can be handled with equipment such as ionizers and external filters. This is another reason why these installations meet the decorative needs of many non-residential sites which are generally designed to be low maintenance.

Formal water garden installations involve the use of rigid materials such as concrete, wall blocks, and stone. The stone can be natural or veneered and blue stone or granite capping is not uncommon to give these installations a finished look. The materials used can also match whichever materials are used on the structures in the site for an echoing or unifying feel.

In sum, the a Decker’s formal water garden ‘statement’ can be crafted for residences and non-residences, especially fine homes, centers of higher education, corporations and services, municipalities, and architecturally-planned parks.

Like all Decker’s products and services, you are covered by our 12-month performance guarantee as well as manufacturers warranty on any of the products we sell.

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