Decker’s Landscaping is for anyone and everyone who wants to create and get maximum enjoyment out of their outdoor living space.

In the same way that you put thought and care into your interior home design, Decker’s helps homeowners realize the full potential of their outdoor living space. Landscaping enhances your outdoor environment using the height, angles, textures, and colors of natural elements to create areas which are pleasing to look at, comfortable to use and complement your home.

The possibilities for landscaping are virtually endless. Landscaping is commonly used for lawn creation and maintenance either via laying sod or seeding and usually includes installing a variety of flowers, plants, trees and shrubs that complement the homeowners yard and landscape. It is common for Decker’s clients to combine a landscaping package with their new pond installation – creating an outdoor ecosystem that attracts desirable wildlife.

The great thing about landscaping is its flexibility and versatility. An outdoor landscaping design that originally suited a family with growing children may not suit an older couple whose children have moved out. Having said that, grandparents with more formal landscaping may want to revise to accommodate the next generation. Many times landscaping can be used to cover up ‘less than perfect’ work done on your home by another contractor.

Envisioning a natural approach to your outdoor space? Decker’s has the components to give you that ‘nature in my backyard’ feel. Thinking more towards a formal arrangement? Decker’s is well equipped to bring structure and organization to your outdoor property. Whether you choose to step outside and be transported to a patch of natural woodland, or a mini mansion park, or even a more traditionally-appealing grass/shrubs/flowers approach – Decker’s professionals have thousands of hours of experience in creating what you have in mind.

Evaluating your property is the next step. Decker’s knows that landscaping success very much depends on a good match between ‘the vision’ and the actual physical property. Although much can be done to transform a property, it’s important to work with your existing yard shape, grade, and exposure to sunlight.

Our landscape architecture process is designed to blend your distinctive lifestyle with the natural environment, while never forgetting the larger composition and how it should feel – making sure we consult with you every step of the way.

Like all Decker’s products and services, you are covered by our 12-month performance guarantee as well as manufacturers warranty on any of the products we sell.

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