Pond Maintenance Member Benefits:
1. All your services are scheduled for the year, it’s done!
2. You save 5% off our services by becoming a Maintenance Member (not be combined with other discounts)
3. Prepay for the year or over 8 Months
4. Additional savings up to 10% on pump replacements
5. Additional savings up to 5% on other services
6. Maintenance Members receive an Automatic Dosing System and monthly Water Treatments for the system ($639.99 value).
Your membership includes dosing system maintenance and replacement if needed with no additional charges.
7. Monthly maintenance is effective after your Spring cleanout and pond opening. (does not include the cost of your spring opening)

Monthly Visits: We will visit your pond once a month. In between our monthly visits, you will need to check your skimmer net and rinse the skimmer pad off. That’s it. You then get to enjoy your pond and let us take care of the rest. In addition, you will also receive 10% off pump replacements and 5% off any additional work requested throughout the year.

Services performed at each visit: Check pump flow, inspect for leaks-fix minor repairs, empty and clean skimmer basket and pad, backwash filter if applicable, check UV function if applicable, check lighting, light timers checked and adjusted, periodic water quality testing, visually inspect fish, refill dosing system, trim/fertilize aquatic plants and provide a detailed Service Report.

Ponds up to 2,000 gallons $295.00/month for 8 months
Ponds up to 4,000 gallons $395.00/month for 8 months
Ponds larger than 4,000 gallon ponds A quote will be provided after consultation.

*Maintenance membership cancellation during current season will require payment of $639.99 for Auto Dosing System.

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A helpful Decker’s professional will contact you to finalize your contract, schedule your monthly maintenance, and answer any questions you may have.

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