Decker’s creates custom backyard kitchens for the aspiring chef in your home, or fire pits that bring people together under the stars.

Everyone knows that the center of a home is the kitchen. Family, friends and guests alike all are drawn to the kitchen because that’s where all the magic happens. There’s just something about food preparation and sharing meals together that people love. Deckers now invites you to take that magic to your outdoor living space to create custom areas just for cooking and entertaining.

Cooking outside always seems to make the food taste better. Perhaps its being surrounded by nature, the aroma of your favorite foods in the year (that always seem to attract neighbors), or the sounds of good times as you entertain your guests in your newly created outdoor kitchen.

People who like to entertain guests often prefer an outdoor kitchen because the food preparation area and seating/socializing areas are combined – making it easy to have conversation while meals are prepared. There is no running back and forth between kitchen and entertainment rooms.

Outdoor kitchens can be combined with other features such as fire pits – which are excellent for people who want to reconnect with the outdoors, enjoy a conversation under the stars, and take a break from media. Fire pits can be constructed using gas or wood and can be constructed of man-made products or natural stone depending on your preferences.

Here’s how our outdoor kitchen and fire pit process works:

1. Decker’s experts meet with you to discuss your outdoor kitchen vision.

2. They come to your home and do a walk-through. This includes thinking about the correct placement so that the cooking area is in reasonably close proximity to the eating area without overwhelming it with smoke or mess.

3. The next step is use and components. Deckers will help you determine how much surface you need for preparation and cooking, if a sink area is desired, and your preferred cooking methods such as a gas grill, smoker, or charcoal.

Fire pits and outdoor kitchens makes eating and entertaining more satisfying and fun, making cooking a more social activity in a natural setting.

Like all Decker’s products and services, you are covered by our 12-month performance guarantee as well as manufacturers warranty on any of the products we sell.

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