Paver stones provide the perfect accent to contain organic elements.

Decker’s professionals use paver stones to bring indoor life outdoors. Paver patios and walkways are used creatively to contain and shape natural flowerbeds, shrubbery outcroppings, water features, and ponds. Paver patios can be done with different varieties of stone including brick, concrete, and flagstone.

How can Decker’s help you expand your outdoor living space?

Imagine your back door opening onto an extended dining room, kitchen or fire pit. Using a combination of stones, landscaping and organic elements, outdoor living spaces can be built to accommodate any size of house and or yard. Paver stones could be used to create an elegant patio that includes a decorative fire pit. Or perhaps a path that meanders to a more structured outdoor living room, courtyard or pergola. Virtually any combination can be achieved all taking into consideration your yard’s shape and grade.


Pavers can also be used for practical, utilitarian applications such as driveways and walkways. Since pavers virtually last forever, they are excellently suited for such applications. In addition, the uniformity of man-made pavers is a great option for people looking to create a more structured, architectural look or a ‘formal garden’ experience.

Decker’s experts can offer you a wide choice of both natural stone and man-made pavers in a variety of colors and are designed to make it easier and safer for you, your family, and your guests to enjoy the benefits of the outdoor living lifestyle.

Like all Decker’s products and services, you are covered by our 12-month performance guarantee as well as manufacturers warranty on any of the products we sell.

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