Decker’s is known for creating natural, ecosystem ponds that give their customers the best low-maintenance pond experience available. They succeed because they have the ability to make things look like a natural extension of your yard, and the professionalism to create water features that grow and develop naturally with little intervention.

Decker’s builds as nature intended. Your pond will be a natural entity that suits your yard – just as if you were walking in the woods somewhere and came across a stream or a pond. This emphasis on nature encourages living organisms such as frogs, birds, and other wildlife to be attracted to and live near your pond.

The professionals at Decker’s achieve natural pond effects by imitating the ecosystems local to your area. They use pond plants and rocks which are suitable for your particular ecosystem. In addition, they vary plant and rock selection so your pond will have its own unique and custom look. They position the plants and rocks strategically to encourage the best visual results possible – allowing for your pond to evolve and improve with age as plans and organic life grows.

Decker’s only uses tested pond and filtration products from industry leaders. During their 25 years of experience, they have tested a lot of different brands of products. As a result, the products Decker’s choose are the most durable, tried and true on the market and can go through freeze/thaw cycles without any cracking or other circulation problems. In addition, Decker’s is very picky about the filtration systems they install because pond filtration contributes to extremely clear water quality and helps keep the variables such as pond size, fish load, pond location, etc.

Decker’s ponds are custom designed and built for your unique yard shape and location.

Decker’s ponds are essentially custom-designed to our customer’s preferences. Whether a large koi pond or a simple small pondless waterfall feature, Decker’s begins by finding out your unique wish list for your pond and what you want the experience of enjoying your pond to look like.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Upon your interest Decker’s will request you upload photos of your yard or project area and complete an information form on Decker’s website. You may also email a Decker’s representative this same information.
  2. Once your photos are received you will receive a phone call from a Decker’s representative to discuss you project.
  3. If necessary, we come to your site and do a walk-through visit. This includes marking everything to ensure your pond will be visible from outdoor and indoor seating areas. The aim is to position the pond so that it can be enjoyed from as many points as possible. Decker’s goal is to make you pond interactive and location of the pond is crucial to be interactive.
  4. We will discuss different water feature options and sizes. Do you want a water feature with fish (pond) or simply a stream and waterfall (pondless waterfall) without fish?
  5. Decker’s will help you choose from many water feature options, such as underwater lighting for evening enjoyment, stream length, fish caves, bog filtration etc.
  6. Decker’s helps you choose a rock type and size that complements your site. Do you want big boulders for sitting rocks at the edge of the feature or perhaps you’re looking for something smaller. We will discuss rock options and cost differences.
  7. Decker’s will discuss sitting areas and other landscape options such as fire pits, retaining walls and landscape plantings, etc.
  8. Decker’s will provide you with a written quote and upon your approval and deposit your project will be scheduled.

The end product is an interactive, inviting water feature for you to enjoy for many years to come, with the peace of mind knowing that it was built right from the beginning.

Shaping ponds to fit customers encourages pond owners and their families to enjoy the ‘pond lifestyle’. It’s a relaxing, winding-down after a tiring day. It’s a way for kids and grandkids to enjoy nature without long drives and expensive entrance fees. It’s a beautiful focal point for informal outdoor get-togethers or more formal garden parties.

Like all Decker’s products and services, you are covered by our 12-month performance guarantee as well as manufacturer’s warranty on any of the products we sell.

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