After the winter, leaves and other natural debris have gotten into your pond and wreaked havoc with your water quality. Your pond doesn’t look good. Handling your spring pond startup properly will determine the success of your pond all season long.  Decker’s Spring Maintenance Service can get jumpstart your pond for your enjoyment.

Being proactive in the spring earns you a healthier, more beautiful, and more enjoyable pond.

Some brave pond owners do the Spring Cleaning themselves. We admire their courage but don’t suggest it because:

  • It’s a very nasty job. The fish have been fed all winter causing excretion at the bottom of the pond. Deckers pond professionals gear up in raincoats, rain pants and waders or rubber boots because they tend to get covered in muck.
  • It takes longer than you think. It would take the typical pond owner about a week vs. 2-3 hours by professionals.
  • Most pond owners are not equipped to successfully move their fish. Pond owners generally don’t feel confident moving and handling fish. In addition, the fish will need constant oxygen in a proper holding container, which most pond owners do not have access to.
  • Professionals know precisely what to look for. Our pond service professionals notice when things are not right. They also know what to look for based on previous weather. For example, a really bad freeze-thaw cycle during the previous winter means that something mechanical may have shifted. In addition, pond professionals know how much beneficial bacteria to add so the pond ecosystem functions optimally, and the water remains clear.
  • You sleep better knowing your pond has been cared for completely. A professional job gives assurance that things were done correctly and that your system is up and running in the best manner possible.

Decker’s customers can choose from two levels of Spring Maintenance:

Gold Service

A professional spring cleanout includes draining your pond and removing fish to a holding tank with oxygen.  After transferring the fish to the holding tank, the pond is completely pressure-washed, rinsed and treated with algaecide to clean rocks. Waterlilies and other pond plants are fertilized as needed. Under water lights are tested and complete pond inspection is completed.

Our Gold Service Spring Maintenance Service Includes:

  • Checking the skimmer housing
  • Cleaning out the skimmer basket
  • Trimming all aquatic plants
  • Cleaning out muck and debris from the bottom of the pond
  • Remove brown leaves, sticks and other organic debris
  • Check the health and size of pond fish
  • Check mechanical elements – pumps, lights and pipes

Silver Service

A partial 50% water change and removal of leaves and debris by net.  Including reinstalling pump and components and complete pond inspection.

Click here to contact a Decker’s representative to sign up for our spring maintenance plan so you can get back to enjoying your pond or water feature today >>

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