Our Summer Maintenance Service is designed to keep your pond looking its best during the summer.  Service for your pond will give you a peace of mind and ensure that your beneficial bacteria levels are optimum to keep your water quality in check.

Our Summer Maintenance Service Includes:

  • Checking the skimmer housing
  • Cleaning out the skimmer basket
  • Trimming all aquatic plants
  • Remove brown leaves, sticks and other organic debris
  • Add beneficial bacteria and treat string algae as needed.
  • Check the health and size of pond fish
  • Check mechanical elements – pumps, lights and pipes

Our summer maintenance service plan is designed to keep you enjoying your pond while we take care of the dirty work of cleaning and keeping it functioning at optimal levels. Our summer service is available on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly service schedule.

Click here to contact a Decker’s representative to sign up for our summer maintenance plan so you can get back to enjoying your pond or water feature today >>

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