The majority of pond owners would like to be able to enjoy their ponds all year long – including during the wintertime. However, this is generally not recommended. It is better to shut down the pond for winter, making sure to leave a healthy ecosystem to support the dormant fish. No one wants to come out and see fish floating on their pond surface.

There are several good reasons for having Decker’s winterize your pond:

A professional winter maintenance plan prevents water evaporation.

Many people think that evaporation happens only during hot weather. However, evaporation simply causes a decrease in water and can happen during any season – even in winter. When the water is frozen, the ice on your pond is water that is not in your pond circulating.

Many of Decker’s water features include streams, which if continued to run during the wintertime usually freeze up. Dragging out a hose during -20 degree days to try to thaw out the stream to keep the water running for the fish is nobody’s idea of fun.  Winterizing your pond will eliminate having to add water to your pond throughout the winter.

A professional winter maintenance also prevents winter pond damage.

Decker’s pond experts come and blow out the water lines, cap them, and make sure that everything is put away so that nothing will freeze and burst.

Pond plumbing goes from a skimmer (mechanical filtration) up to the BioFalls (biological filtration) with the actual pipe buried underneath the ground. As a precaution, the lines are blown out and plugs are screwed in each component so no water can move from one unit to the other. Blowing out the lines is a procedure that needs to be done correctly so that pipes do not crack during the freeze/thaw cycle. This is the same process as an in-ground pool or lawn sprinkler system. Water that gets into pipes can freeze and cause cracks which will need hundreds or even a thousand dollars worth of repairs in the spring.

Decker’s Winter Maintenance involves the following:

  • Cutting back plants to avoid adding extra nutrients which can kill pond fish.
  • Making sure the winterization pump and oxygen is set up properly for fish.
  • Ensuring the deicer is in the right vicinity of the pump so that pump hole does not freeze over.
  • Blowing out water lines and capping them.
  • Storing away equipment so that it will be protected from winter damage.

Decker’s professional winter maintenance service guarantees that your pond will withstand the weather challenges during winter months. Letting the professionals cope with the winter conditions keeps you inside and warm, and guarantees your pond will be fully functioning for the following spring.

Like all Decker’s products and services, you are covered by our 12 month performance guarantee as well as manufacturer’s warranty on any of the products we sell.

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